Jensen Design, Inc
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Large areas require fixtures to be in scale with the project. These pieces may be difficult to find and can be of questionable quality. We here at Jensen Design work with our customers giving them a superior quality product as scaled and specified for each job. Our metal work and custom wrought iron has spanned in scope to include furnishing Board Rooms, Bank Lobbies, Distinctive Private Residences and Reproducing Antiques. Jensen Design prides itself on the fact that our architectural iron designs have a reputation for quality and creativity, and go well beyond expectations to ensure 100% satisfaction of the final project.

Working with architects and builders from conception to completion assures that the customer will get what they want. Listening to the ideas brought to us and turning those into completed projects is what Jensen Design is especially qualified to do. We have a longstanding reputation for quality, creativity, and service.

Jensen Design is well known for working with metals in addition to wrought iron and steel. We have extensive experience working in more exotic metals that are very popular today. Copper is an excellent material to use outside on coastal areas where salt air can cause premature aging to iron surfaces. Brass and copper are used in combination with wrought iron and steel or they can be used exclusively to build lighting, tables, range hoods, and so on. Our copper exterior lighting is hand fabricated made to order and of premium quality. They are quite durable and develop a beautiful patina with time.

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